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Online Renewal,

Save time by renewing online

Renewing online is easy!


Complete the online renewal account request form ( click here )


For your safety, we will verify your  identify. Before gaining access to the account , a pharmacy employee will contact you by phone .


You  will receive  an email that  will activate your online renewal account.

The Benefits of the Online Health Record

Refill your prescriptions online

Access your pharmacy profiles online, make refill requests online and even automate these. You can also set up reminders so you never forget to refill your prescriptions.

Get an official record of your prescription drug purchases

It allows you to print a summary of all prescriptions that have been dispensed at the pharmacy during a given period. This service is very useful at tax time.

Un homme qui prend des notes

Manage the prescriptions of your loved ones

On request, the management of a specific account can be shared with a relative. You will be able to manage your entire family's medications using one account.

Famille heureuse

Photo transmission of new prescriptions

From your online account, you can now send your new prescriptions by photo to your pharmacist. Once the photo has been sent and a renewal requested, the team will take care of preparing your new prescription! 


Request to open a renewal account online

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